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Cocktail glasses

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Schott Zwiesel - Martiniglas Classico - 109398 - Gr86 - fstb
Martini glass Classico
€47.70/6pc €29.70/6pc
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Schott Zwiesel - 4er Set Gin Tonic Bar Special - 130002 - Gr80 - fstb
Set of four Gin Tonic Bar Special
€39.80/4pc €22.96/4pc
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Schott Zwiesel - 4er Set Gin Tonic Viña - 130003 - Gr79 - fstb-2
Set of four Gin Tonic Viña
€27.80/4pc €19.96/4pc
- 40%
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Zwiesel Glas has a wide range of cocktail glasses for alcoholic or non-alcoholic mixed drinks. Classic glasses, such as for margarita, gin and tonic or martini, can be found in our range both in stylishly simple designs and as new interpretations.

Cocktail glasses and cocktail bowls from Zwiesel Glas made of unique TRITAN® crystal glass are available in both machine-made and handmade varieties. Our handmade cocktail glasses are unique thanks to their exclusive glassmaking craftsmanship and their captivating filigree highlights in the glass.

A cocktail glass from Zwisel Glas really knows how to set the scene for the wide range of drinks you want to make and provides a stylish bar experience.

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