New Year, finally going to do something with this website

So technically I guess I'm a professional writer now, with my first pro sale to the venerable Apex Magazine, who bought my story "Where Gods Dance," a bleak tale partly inspired by the song "Burnt Year" by Altar Of Plagues. The story is still awaiting actual publication and I'm still pinching myself because while Fantasy and Science Fiction is still my dragon to slay, Apex is also one of my dream markets and my newbie imposter syndrome is making me feel unworthy of the company I'll be sharing in terms of authors the magazine has published. Speaking of great magazines, it's been a while since my story "Choice Cuts" was published by Broadswords and Blasters in their 7th issue, and there are only two reviews up on GoodReads, including my own. So, if you happen to read the issue it'd be great to get an honest review up. The guys in Broadswords and Blasters are class acts and they deserve your support. So, with the website being way over a year old, I now conclude my first blog post. It's time to start polishing this thing up and get serious. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon. -Ben