Well, I guess this is where we are

So, as of writing this I have about 3 days till my story "Where Gods Dance" comes out in Apex. I've also got about 3 months till the wedding, and about 5-6 months till the move. Which is to say: holy shit. I've been having a lot of writer's block and motivation issues lately, but I'm starting to think this is more due to general anxiety rather than anything relating to some sort of post-professional publication blues (though I think I have that a little bit too).  Either way, I'm still trucking along, making sure if nothing else I keep up with submissions and the like. I've still got reviews coming out in New Noise and soon I'll get back into the fray writing stuff for Toilet Ov Hell. I've got a lot of good music to listen to, and I've got a lot of good reading to get to, and soon a lot of good music making and writing to get to as well, hopefully. If you've come this way because you've read my story in Apex, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to have something new for you soon. Even if my story wasn't your thing I thank you for taking the time to read it and maybe I'll catch you some other time down the road. Sorry things are a little bare here. I'm still in the process of making this into something decent. -Ben